Data Science with Python


Extremely Hands-On... Incredibly Practical... Unbelievably Real! In this course, you WILL experience firsthand all of the experiences a Data Scientist goes through on a daily basis. Corrupt data, anomalies, irregularities - you name it! This course will give you a full overview of the Data Science journey. Upon completing this course, you will know:

This course will give you so many practical exercises that the real world will seem like a piece of
cake when you graduate from this course. This course has homework exercises that are so
thought-provoking and challenging that you will enjoy every second of it.

Course Description:

After completion of each module, students can apply for internships in related domains through our placement team.

Additional Perks in this Course:

Min. Salary Package Starts from 6LPA to 10LPA for Data Science in India.

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