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Coding Thinker is an instructional organization that helps master and foster abilities.

What Our Students Have to Say

Very well done, and easy to follow if you are a real beginner. The syllabus is well structured, the teacher is a very good presenter. The course ‘data science with python’ starts with explaining all the key terms a beginner needs to understand and illustrates them with multiple examples which help to remember them.
Mahek Gupta
I was very scared of coding earlier because I had no experience of coding but now I'm too eager to do coding.
Nupur M
The faculty was extremely knowledgeable, and the entire class appreciated his way of teaching. Enjoyed learning from Harshil Sir. He makes all the topics easy to understand and learn by real-life examples.
Alok Sharma
It was a great learning experience. My trainer delivered each session well. All topics were explained with in-depth theory, real-time examples, and execution of the same in Python. The teaching methodology enhanced the learning process.
Arvind Kumar
The instructor not only delivers the lecture but also focuses on practical aspects related to the subject. This is something about the course that really impressed me. I opted for Data Structures course.
Tushar Goyal
It was a good course (java programming) that I have recommended to others. I learned a lot following along and will now try to apply some of what I learn to some other projects.
Avinash Bansal
I really appreciate the projects where we could practice what we've learned. I guess I will use them a lot as a template for my future work!
Ritika Arora
Perfect for beginner level. all the concepts with code and parameter wise have been explained excellently. overall best course in making anyone eager to learn from basics to handle advances with ease.
I started this course without any knowledge on Data Analysis with Python, and by the end of the course I was able to understand the basics of Data Analysis, usage of different libraries and functions.
Very serious, professional, empowering course. Clear straightforward detailed explanations. A good deal of practice.
Shubham G